6 Cool and Fun Things You Can Do with Your Pickup Truck

Friends enjoying on a pickup truck

Friends enjoying on a pickup truckWhen it comes to utility, capability, and dependability, perhaps nothing beats the good old pickup truck. A reliable partner in many a business that needs a lot of hauling and traveling, the truck has gotten a well-deserved reputation as a workhorse.

It’s even had its share of heroic deeds, towing stuck vehicles or those involved in unfortunate accidents. Pickup trucks can be relied upon even at night when accessorized with bright tow light bars you can get from reliable vendors such as LED Equipped.

What people forget, however, is that the pickup truck can be a vehicle for outdoor fun too. It’s capable of being transformed into a partner for your weekend adventures or for having a good time with friends.

Here are some cool and fun things you can do with your pickup truck:

Raid a garage sale

With a pickup truck, you can haul those great pieces of furniture on sale back to your house.

Sleep under the stars

Head out into the open during a clear night, fit a real mattress into the truck bed together with some sheets, blankets, and pillows, and you and your companion are all set for a romantic night watching the star-filled sky.

Carry that float

Aside from moving stuff, your truck can also carry persons, of course, like in a parade. It’s perfect for a homemade float for any event, such as a New Year’s Eve or a beauty pageant parade and an election campaign.

Fill it with water

Well, not the inside of the truck, but the bed. Make sure you line it up with a big, heavy-duty tarp, and then fill it with water for an instant pool party. Don’t forget to spice things up with some party music, cold drinks, and food to make the setup complete.

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Have a tailgate party

It can be a college basketball game or a rock concert, but your truck bed is the perfect companion for any tailgate situation.

A couch, a big screen, barbecue (of course!), and music later on when the main event is finished should take it up several notches and give everyone another reason to be thankful they attended.

Make it your camping companion

If you like sleeping outdoors in tents but don’t particularly look forward to lying on the cold, hard earth, a truck bed is your friend. Offering the perfect elevated outdoor sleeping experience, your truck bed takes you as far away from those creepy crawlies as possible and gives you a good night’s sleep.

There are even truck tents available that will make the experience more enjoyable.

This weekend, give yourself and your truck a rest from work – have some fun with your trusty vehicle instead. That will surely recharge you for the next workweek.

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