About Us

Welcome to SYM MAGAZINE, where we share with you stories of passion and commitment that serve as a source of inspiration in the urban market.

Business, marketing, and economics — entering that world may seem chaotic and intimidating because veteran players of the game tend to set the tone and dictate what goes on. Also, diving into that world and seeing it in detail may be overwhelming.

At SYM MAGAZINE, we recognize how influential veteran players and big names are in the urban market, but we believe they are not the only ones who actually rule. More importantly, we believe that each and every player has a role to play.

Our core purpose is to feature and highlight up and coming talent, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, and trailblazers. Publishing full, comprehensive stories about them in each SYM MAGAZINE issue, we aim to encourage positive expression and to give you ideas about how you can be a part of the urban market.

What We Do

As you first dip into the urban market, SYM MAGAZINE focuses on cultivating your baseline knowledge and ideas. We readily provide you with a platform of positive expression, as well as stories of passion and commitment that give you a boost of confidence to take those first few necessary steps into the seemingly steep market.

Our team of writers has the passion and dedication to educate you about the ins and outs of the urban market — up and coming talents, trailblazers, and the like. We recount stories that serve to guide you through this exciting world. Finally, we make sure you easily understand what those stories mean to you and how they can affect you.

Are you ready to take the first step into the urban market? Let SYM MAGAZINE be your gateway.