Privacy Policy

SYM MAGAZINE aims to be your source of inspiration and platform of positive expression in terms of the urban market. We publish the latest news and informative articles that tell the stories of individuals and non-profit organizations who are passionate and committed to what they do. And those stories bring you one step closer to understanding how the market works and what role you play in it.

As much as we want you to understand the ins and outs of the urban market, we also want you to feel secure while reading our content. Below are the details about our privacy policy.

Use of Personal Information

As an online publication, SYM MAGAZINE automatically collects data from you, including when you visited our website, what browser you used, and your IP address. Rest assured that all the said information we automatically gather is harmless and does not compromise your online safety and security in any given way.

We may ask for personal information to determine what articles are relevant to you as our reader, but it is entirely optional and strictly confidential. We never disclose personal information to other websites and third party organizations.

External Links

Sometimes our team of writers adds external links to the articles we publish as credible sources you may use for additional information. As such, we remind you that those external links lead to other websites that may have different privacy policies than ours.

We are not liable for how they use any information you give them, so please carefully run through their respective privacy policies before disclosing any personal information.

Policy Changes

Any changes involving our privacy policy will be available on this page, so check it out regularly for updates. Alternatively, you may sign up for our newsletters to receive them automatically.